Natural Life Prayer Box- Retro Woody

Product Description
  • Includes mechanical pencil inside and enough notes for 50 prayers
  • Inspirational message: "When your head starts to worry, and your mind just can't rest, put your prayers down on paper, and let God do the rest."
  • Paper, tin, gold foil
  • 2.4" x 3.75"
  • Great gift!

Natural Life's cute tin Prayer Box features a retro woody car on front, purple pompom trim, and an uplifting instructional message on the inside lid. Prayer Boxes help relieve stress by allowing one to let go and let God do the rest. Natural Life is fun stuff girls love with a free spirit style and a positive message. From clothes and accessories to home and gift, everything is fresh yet nostalgic, embellished for a handcrafted look and affordable. Natural Life loves to inspire girls from 8 to 80 to live happy!

$ 12.00
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