Miamica TSA Compliant Carry On Case- Clear For Take-Off

Product Description
  • Conveniently meets Transportation Security Administration carry-on regulations
  • Transparent case keeps travel essentials in "plane" sight for security personnel
  • "Clear For Take-Off" Case keeps you and others smiling during the stressful check-in process
  • Deluxe 15 piece version includes assorted containers and convenient label stickers
  • Durable construction & zipper

The Clear for Take-off travel case is a see-through toiletry bag with a fashionable flair and sturdy zipper. This bag meets the latest TSA regulations to make packing for your next flight comfortable, efficient, and fun. Deluxe version includes 11 assorted containers and convenient label stickers, including toothbrush holder. Bag is convenient, compact, durable and practical! Keep one in your carry-on or handbag for easy access. It's plane to see that you must have this cool travel accessory for all your upcoming trips!

$ 15.00
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