30 Watch Cherry Wood Watch Display Case and Storage Organizer Box

Product Description
  • Tastefully protects, stores, and organizes up to 30 watches
  • Hang on the wall or use as a stand with included base piece
  • Eliminates clutter and keeps watches protected and scratch-free
  • Elegant lock and key offer increased security
  • Accommodates oversized watches up to 65 mm
  • Hinged glass lid provides ease of access and dramatic display


  • Case: 20.75" L x 16" W x 4" D
  • Watch Compartments: 65mm in width (3” L x 2.5” W)

Store and protect your favorite watches in one convenient and attractive place. Eliminate the clutter in your home or office and avoid the headache of all those misplaced watches and valuables. Provide the ultimate protection for your collection.

$ 168.49

Customer Reviews

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The item is just as described on the website store.

Add an option where the item purchased can be gift wrapped as a present.

6X Awesome!

Hi TimelyBuys, as you probably know this is my 6th purchase of the 30 Watch Rosewood Display Cases. My Watch Collection is growing towards 180 timepieces and they are displayed impeccably in your Display Cases. Very Proud!

Thank You Very Much!


It's a KEEPER! A Masterpiece of a Display Case that's A Marveled Work of Art!

Incredible Display Case! Ordered it on April 6th, and received it right on April 8th! And yes, am also a Prime member. The case was well packaged and marked with multiple sides stamped: "Fragile!" in large red stickers. I'll include a few photos if they let me to illustrate below this review.
I rarely give 5 stars rating, but these people mean professionalism because it was fast delivery, well packaged, and most importantly - the Display Case was well made. I first opened the box in the kitchen, but realized that I had to take it out and assemble it on carpeted floor to avoid damages and scratches that would be cause by me! I highly recommend handy electric powered screw-driver (not necessary, but would make it a lot easy. You'd power drill with screw driver bits and making sure you put it in right speed setting to not screw the screws in too fast, of course. Make sure the front of the case, or its door faces you if you decide to mount its base stands. That is the only other piece that's separated from the main Display Case. I believe the bottom of the base board mount has 8 holes on the bottom of it (You'll be given 2 extra screws totaling 10 screws). There's a thick black scratch resistant film/fabric (like the kind on top of a pool-table) that protects the bottom of that base board that does not reveal the screw holes.
So the holes are covered up. You'll have to feel it with your finger tips and insert each screw through the fabric. If you are doing this yourself, make sure the case door are locked with one of the 2 keys given, and let it rest on one of your knees while you're putting together the base board to the bottom side of the case. Match the screw tips to the whole, and screw in one on each ends first to make sure both pieces lined up.The reason I use the bottom board is I did not wish to put 4holes on my wall.
Am not certain over time the slightly heavy case would hold, along with the weights of the 30 watches.
I had in mind to put it behind my ba...

Beautiful Display

Beautiful display for your watches or anything else you need cubby holes for displaying nick-nacks or jewelry. You can also lay the pillow flat and set rings, bracelets and smaller items on it. If you have any serious watch collection and are seeking a display case, this is it.
I wall hung mine (don’t know about the stand base but would suspect it could end up being top heavy). There are four points, one in each corner, for wall hanging/mounting.
I used butyl tape on the bottom corners instead of drilling more holes in my wall to prevent the display from pulling away from the wall when opening the door.
A strong magnet on the latch keeps the door shut very well. The included door lock helps keep little fingers away from where they shouldn’t be. Pillows fit snug holding even the biggest watches upright. Includes two keys and one tassel.

Highly recommended!

Beautiful box. This is a great was to store, display and organize your collection. Most of my watches are large Invictas and they fit perfectly in this case.

Amazing Watch Display

Excellent watch display. Me and my wife have a number of watches ranging in size from petite to 54 mm case. The holders keep all of them in place nicely. We have it sitting on the dresser instead of wall mounted and it is very attractive.

Beautiful Elegant Wooden Case

Bought this beautiful wooden case for my fiancee. He loved it. Structure of the case is very solid. I also bought the matching sunglass case.

Great Case For The Money

Awsome watch case, everything was perfect, packaged nice and tight. Timely Buys upgraded my shipping for free and came 4 days early. I wish I wouldn't of waisted my money on the last watch box I bought it dosnt even come close to this one. This is a great case for a watch collector...
Update.. The lock dosnt work all that well but if someone wanted to get in bad enough they could so it's not a big deal to me.. Still a great case